A Social Worker's Life in the World of Hospice

by Katherine Cullen, M.S.W.

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    Katherine Cullen

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  Watching a Love One  
    Die is not Easy...It is
 Very, Very Challenging

      Most People have Worries or Fears about  
                Witnessing the End of Life?  Do you?

     *  Honest Endings will help you Gain  
         Freedom from your Anxieties about the
         Natural Dying Process

     *  Know what you can Say or Do to Comfort
         the Dying Person

     *  Be Better Prepared for Attending a Death

HONEST ENDINGS can help answer your questions and help prepare you for being present when someone dies. This book can help both family members and helping professionals  grow in confidence as a natural caregiver.  By experiencing moving stories of others going through this process, you will learn that you can find ways to talk about dying, and you will discover new strengths and compassion within yourself. 

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by Katherine Cullen, M.S.W.

Honest Endings is a memoir about my work as a Hospice Social Worker.  This job was very challenging for me, as I had no background in this specific field.  As a Social Worker for many years, I thought I would easily be able to use my counseling skills to help patients and families facing the end of life.  But, instead, I found that I needed new skills, new ways of handling some
of the extreme situations the dying face.  

I share my journey openly and honestly in the book, and my hope is that you will be able to relate in some way:  either because you, too, have had a challenging job, or because you are going through or have been through the loss of a client or loved one.  Full of touching stories of patients and families experiencing the end of life, Honest Endings can help you relate to others feelings of loss, fear, and grief.   Having these important conversations about death and dying, sharing our feelings and
fears helps us to grow and learn about
ourselves and others.          

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