You, as a family, are going through a variety of feeling facing the death of a loved one   You may feel afraid, afraid of your emotions, afraid that you won't be able to handle being with the dying person when the time comes, even afraid to talk about the experience with the patient or other family members.  My hope is that by reading Honest Endings, you will begin to believe in your own strengths to face what is a very special time in your life, and in the life of your loved one.  

Reviewed in the United States on April 9, 2021 I gave Honest Endings, by Katherine Cullen, 5 out of 5 stars. This is an arduous time where so many individuals - family members and service workers can come together where the inevitability of death doesn’t have to be isolated or isolating. Katherine Cullen shares her personal journey through social work to hospice care and her compassionate and empathetic relationships with the individuals and families she worked with. This is a practical book to focus on the reality of everyone on this Earth. Whether we like it or not - death is imminent. This book is not medically detailed where only professionals can utilize the information given. Families who have gone through this process can relate and understand it from a different point of view. A family who has not gone through this, can learn about the process of hospice care. And anyone reading Honest Endings can learn about the end of life process

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Part of the reason I wrote Honest Endings was to produce something that would be helpful to other helping professionals and students. The book is full of touching client stories and highlights my personal and professional growth. This book might be helpful to you in
several ways:  

  1. It is a useful discussion starter in the classroom and at meetings

2. It can be a valuable tool for students and clinicians: learn ways to be  more confident and effective with clients

3. It is an honest example of the ups and downs of agency work  
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by G. Larimer

Not typical hospice social work, but a cautionary tale.  

November 16, 2021
 I am a professor of social work and I am teaching a course on Death, Dying and Grief. I had my students read the book as I appreciated her insights about the dying process and the roles of the hospice social worker...... Thank you, Katherine!
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Honest Endings: A Social Worker's Life in the World of Hospice Megan Hill
How do you want to pass away? May 13, 2021 Format : Paperback
This book is beautifully written and emotional without being dramatic. It made me stop to think about my own life, the choices I want to make and how I imagine I would handle scenes in this novel if I were the one living that experience. I truly believe everyone should read this book and not be afraid to discuss the end of our lives.

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